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Internet Advertising Bureau unveils mobile adserving directory

The Internet Advertising Bureau has launched a new adserving directory that reveals the current status of 3rd party mobile adserving in the UK. The directory hopes to clear up confusion over the technical ability of mobile platforms and improve general standards.

From the IAB:

The IAB asked mobile experts in media and mobile specialist agencies their opinions and experiences with regards to mobile 3rd party adserving. The results highlighted how critical 3rd party mobile adserving is to the market, as 95% felt that 3rd party mobile adserving is important for both branding and direct response campaigns in particular.

According to the IAB survey, third-party mobile adserving is critical to the mobile advertising market with 95% of respondents believing it is important for both brand and direct response campaigns. The full directory can be accessed, for free, via the IAB website. For more information click the source link.

Source: IAB UK — IAB unveils mobile adserving directory

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