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How much time should be spent on telemarketing?

The Marketing Map is part of the B2B Contact Marketing family. B2B CM provide outsource telemarketing services in the B2B sector from their UK call centre and the following guest post originally appeared on

One of the issues faced by an outsource call centre, like B2B Contact Marketing, is overcoming some companies preconception about how much time they need to invest in a telemarketing campaign.

Sometimes a client comes to us and asks if we can start a campaign that involves taking a prospect database and spending, at most, one day contacting each business. Invariably in these situations the client is expecting instant returns for their day of calling, which leads to an interesting conversation as we try to manage expectations and help the client understand the timescales involved in creating a successful telemarketing campaign.

Telemarketing is like other marketing activities – it takes time to build a response. An advertisement produces its best results after multiple opportunities to see, a direct mailing doesn’t produce a flurry of responses on the first day it arrives with the customer, and telemarketing will produce better outcomes if the client commits to working the campaign over several weeks and months.

The reason that telemarketing campaigns work best over longer timeframes is down to how the calling data can be ‘worked’ by operators to maximise the opportunities held within it. The first call to a prospective business is unlikely to reach the decision maker (they are busy people after all) but it does establish the best way of reaching the person in future, such as calling at a particular time of day.

This means that on the second call the operator is much more likely to reach the decision maker and have the right telemarketing conversation, providing greatly improved campaign results. If a client runs a campaign over a short timeframe they miss out on these additional opportunities to reach the decision maker, and limit the opportunities to meet the campaign objectives.

B2B CM know from experience that longer telemarketing campaigns work better, that’s why we sit down with clients and recommend a campaign which involve calling over  at least a three month period (with a one or two days a week calling pattern) as the decision maker contacts, and campaign successes, increase as the campaign progresses.

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