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Enhanced display network measurement tools from Google

Google has rolled out four free tools to better measure the performance of advertiser’s campaigns across its display network.  The tools are designed to provide better transparency and analysis of how advertisements are performing.

The four new tools are:

  • The relative click-through rate tool — Demonstrates how the click-through rates of ads are performing; relative to other ads running in the same places.
  • The impression share tool — Shows the percentage of auctions for ad spots on a webpage. It allows advertisers to see quickly if they are losing auctions due to their budget.
  • The content ads diagnostic tool — Reveals where ads are running and, when appropriate, why ads are not running.
  • The unseen impression filter —  Displays how often a page is scrolled by a user. In these cases an advertiser will not be charged by Google for ads which are not viewed.

The new tools are available now (for most Adwords accounts).

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