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Mobile email growing as desktop email shrinks

For email marketing, understanding what platforms people view your emails on is essential. Emails display differently dependent on the platform used and a good email marketer has to use designs that are flexible enough to work in all the most common-use situation.

CampaignMonitor has taken a look through all the emails sent through it’s email marketing solution over the last two years and logged which mail programmes, and platforms, people have used to open emails. The results show a clear movement away from the desktop and towards mobile platforms (including the iPad), with web-based access also declining slightly.

The chart below is from their website:

Email platform trends

Mobile has risen from 4% of the email market up to almost 20%, by comparison desktop email clients have fallen by 11%.

If this trends continue, it won’t be long before mobile becomes the most dominant way to receive emails, with consequences for how marketers design their messages for touch-based interfaces and the smaller display on handheld devices.

CampaignMonitor’s same research shows Apple’s iOS-based products are the most popular mobile devices, with a combined 91% market share of opened emails. The figures are skewed slightly because iOS automatically shows images in emails (which is how the tracking knows an email has been opened).

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Source: CampaignMonitor — The prolific rise of email marketing

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