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FourSquare founder says data is key to success

Speaking at A Glimpse into the Future of Mobility and Marketing, at Cannes Lions 2011, FourSquare chief executive Dennis Crowley said data was the key to the future success of  the geolocation service, and would allow it to create ‘brand ambassadors’.

Crowley stated:

“We knew if we were able to build something we would be able to build data and use that for recommendations to people. We have now built up a lot of data and through that have got brand ambassadors. We look at ‘good users’ using our data and use them as brand ambassadors to promote the business.”

FourSquare has managed to create a system where users add locations to its database, which encourages them to check in to locations more often, and leads them to be becoming brand ambassadors, sharing their check-ins across social media platforms. This in turn leads to new FourSquare users joining the service.

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