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Optimising a conference for social media

At any modern event, product launch, or public speaking opportunity, you can guarantee a fair proportion of the audience will have immediate access to the social web and will be sharing information, or passing comment, on what is happening in real time to those in the outside world.

It’s important for organisers to make sure their events are ready to handle the social media savvy attendee and that any online comments about their events are analysed, responded to, and added to the post-event evaluation.

The Next Web has published an interview with Jeffrey Harris, who runs the social media strategy for the Aspen Ideas Festival, in which Harris provides advice on optimising events for social media. Included in his recommendations are:

  • Provide wi-fi so attendees can access social media.
  • Use multiple social media platforms (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to provide event coverage.
  • Encourage FourSquare check-ins.
  • Live-stream speakers.

The full interview goes more in-depth on these points, and is available from the source link.

Source: TNW — How to optimize your conference for social media

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