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How to personalise emails, and when not to bother

Email marketing has moved from being the new kid on the block to being a cost-effective, essential part of a company’s marketing communications mix. Despite this many marketers still struggle to find the right way to use email marketing and boost response rates.

An important part of boosting email response rates is to get email personalisation right, and an article over at the Direct Marketing Association, by Richard Evans, provides some handy hints on how to personalise an email (and also when to avoid personalisation completely).

The main recommendations are:

  • Personalisation is more than just starting an email with Dear <<First name>>.
  • Examine previous behaviour to decide what messages will work best.
  • Don’t fake personalisation. If you can’t do it properly, then take a different approach.

The full article is available from the source.

Source : DMA — Dear %%FirstName%%, I don’t care

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