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How marketers can use real time data

Daniel Stephenson, senior director for category development at Specific Media, has published an article at UTalkMarketing looking into how real time data can be used for real time analysis by marketers. [...]

Why data won’t save us

Greg Borenstein has published a blog titled All Watched Over: On FOO, Cybernetics, and Big Data in which he reflects on this year’s FOO Camp. [...]

FourSquare founder says data is key to success

Speaking at A Glimpse into the Future of Mobility and Marketing, at Cannes Lions 2011, FourSquare chief executive Dennis Crowley said data was the key to the future success of the geolocation service, and would allow it to create ‘brand ambassadors’. [...]

How data improves display advertising targeting

Gigaon takes a look at how improved data analysis and profiling are providing measurable benefits to display advertisers by examining several companies working in this area and outlining how their analytic services are translating into positive results for advertisers. [...]

Poor data and data protection lead to one sixth of all charity complaints

In its annual report ‘Confident About Fundraising’, the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) analysed 18,442 fundraising complaints in order to provide insight to the charity sector for areas they need to improve. [...]