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Here’s the daily deal: Tough times for Groupon and others — Report

A report from Rice University suggests that Groupon,and similar voucher / discount sites, may be facing tough times in the future, as they aren’t generating enough repeat business from retailers to support growth. [...]

Order online collect in-store popular with Boots customers

Supplier of medicine, beauty products, and office lunch ‘meal deals’ for countless numbers of people each day, Boots have published details of how their ‘click and collect’ service has performed. [...]

LoyalTXT mobile customer loyalty programme coming to the UK

Mobile phone based customer loyalty programme, LoyalTXT, has launched in the UK; providing retailers, restaurants, salons,spas, and anyone else, the opportunity to offer customers a loyalty scheme through text messaging.

Unlike most loyalty schemes, which rely on consumers carrying cards in their wallets and purses, LoyalTXT uses mobile phone numbers, and an online database, [...]

McDonald’s upping use of in-store technology

McDonald’s is looking to replace in-restaurant cashiers with swipe cards and digital touch-screens in order to reduce waiting times (by a whole 3 or 4 seconds) and make the purchasing experience more convenient. [...]