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UK viewers watching more commercial TV in 2011

After taking a look at the figures produced by BARB, the UK commercial TV marketing group Thinkbox has calculated that people watched more linear commercial TV in the period January to June 2011. [...]

Google buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn

A joint statement by Google and Motorola Mobility has revealed the former is buying the later for $12.5bn. [...]

How SME value social media

A survey of US small businesses by Hiscox has reached several conclusions over how SMEs are using social media to reach their audiences. [...]

How marketers can use real time data

Daniel Stephenson, senior director for category development at Specific Media, has published an article at UTalkMarketing looking into how real time data can be used for real time analysis by marketers. [...]

More follow New York Times on Twitter than read the print edition. A lot more.

The nature of news publishing is changing, with people reading and learning about important events in many different ways, including social media platforms. [...]

Can Facebook work for the SME sector?

Wondering if Facebook is the right digital platform for your small business to promote itself on? Marketing Donut has published a posting, by Sarah Orchard, looking at the merits of using Facebook as part of your digital strategy. [...]

Generation app. Ofcom describes a nation’s smartphone addiction

Ofcom’s latest research describes how the UK smartphone owners are ‘addicted’ to their hand-held friend, and how teenages have a tendancy to be anti-social in their smartphone usage (but then they are teenagers after all). [...]

Marketing director? You fail social media forever

If you’re 40, a marketing director, and your business doesn’t understand social media, then it’s your fault. That’s according to Alexis Dormandy on The Telegraph’s technology blog. [...]

Almost half UK consumers visit website as result of direct mail

Research by GI Insight, as reported by The Drum, claims that almost half of UK consumers (47%) are ‘more often than not’ driven to a website by a piece of direct mail, demonstrating how marketers can mix traditional platforms with modern ones. [...]

foursquare launching updated people powered Pages

A report in AdAge states foursquare is about to update it’s Pages offering, allowing anybody to create a page full of tips for their favourite locations, which others can ‘follow’.

The intention is to boost the number of ‘brand pages’ foursquare publishes. Currently, brand pages are hand-created by foursquare Oompa Loompas*, which [...]