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Almost half UK consumers visit website as result of direct mail

Research by GI Insight, as reported by The Drum, claims that almost half of UK consumers (47%) are ‘more often than not’ driven to a website by a piece of direct mail, demonstrating how marketers can mix traditional platforms with modern ones. [...]

Google wallet launches. Cash to be replaced with taps and waves

Google has officially launched its Google wallet service, bringing Near Field Communication (NFC) based commerce to retailers. [...]

o2 mobile wallet coming, Wave Crest, FIS, Intelligent Environments and Visa all lending a hand

In the second half of 2011 o2 is planning on launching its mobile wallet service, which will allow mobile users to use their phone to pay for goods and services. [...]

Build loyalty by listening to customers

The key to building customer loyalty is listening to your customers. There’s no point trying to manage customer relationships if you don’t know what it is your customers need. [...]

Successfully launching new products

New data, by Knowledge Networks, provides insights into the best way for company’s to launch new products, and sustain sales through the early years of the product’s life. [...]

Enhancing the in-store experience with QR codes

Retailers are using QR codes to enhance the customer experience, and gain valuable marketing insights. [...]

VCs chasing explosion of baby Groupons

The success of Groupon has led to a cottage industry of start-ups trying to serve up their own daily deals; with Venture Capitalists queuing up to throw funding at them, in the hope one of them will become ‘The Next Big Thing’. [...]

The lost opportunities of abandonded shopping

There’s an interesting blog post by Scott Storey, of UTalkMarekting, exploring how businesses are missing out on sales when customers ‘abandon’ their online shopping cart before making payment. [...]