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Almost half UK consumers visit website as result of direct mail

Research by GI Insight, as reported by The Drum, claims that almost half of UK consumers (47%) are ‘more often than not’ driven to a website by a piece of direct mail, demonstrating how marketers can mix traditional platforms with modern ones. [...]

Here’s the daily deal: Tough times for Groupon and others — Report

A report from Rice University suggests that Groupon,and similar voucher / discount sites, may be facing tough times in the future, as they aren’t generating enough repeat business from retailers to support growth. [...]

LoyalTXT mobile customer loyalty programme coming to the UK

Mobile phone based customer loyalty programme, LoyalTXT, has launched in the UK; providing retailers, restaurants, salons,spas, and anyone else, the opportunity to offer customers a loyalty scheme through text messaging.

Unlike most loyalty schemes, which rely on consumers carrying cards in their wallets and purses, LoyalTXT uses mobile phone numbers, and an online database, [...]

Discount ticket site launched by Live Nation and Groupon

In an attempt to boost ticket sales at entertainment events (gross receipts for the industry have fallen by 7.6 per cent) Live Nation has partnered with Groupon to offer discount tickets for live events. [...]

How UK cinema led the way in mobile vouchers

There’s an example of mobile vouchers successfully reaching a mass audience and attracting an army of loyal users for years [...]

Mobile marketing: Coupons and vouchers. Whitepaper available

A new whitepaper exploring how marketeers can make best use of mobile coupons and vouchers is available from Ad Age Insights. [...]

Pepsi preps social vending machine

Pepsi have unveiled a prototype vending machine that lets people send drinks to their friends. With the new machines, people can type in their friends mobile phone number into a keypad, along with a personal message. [...]

o2 Media and Co-op join up for location based marketing

From today (4 May) through till 11 June, o2 mobile customers will be offered a free bottle of Dr Pepper whenever they are in half a mile of a Co-op store. o2 customers who have opted into the o2 More programme, will receive a text message (or MMS) direct to their mobiles containing a voucher code redeemable over the counter in Co-op stores. [...]

VCs chasing explosion of baby Groupons

The success of Groupon has led to a cottage industry of start-ups trying to serve up their own daily deals; with Venture Capitalists queuing up to throw funding at them, in the hope one of them will become ‘The Next Big Thing’. [...]